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The outdoor school measures 60m x 60m and is used throughout the year for jumping lessons, lunge lessons and dressage lessons. 


A summer house offers cover for instructors and spectators when the weather changes.


Full set of show jumps, fillers and wings. 



The indoor school measures 60m x 40m.


Raised galleries with ample seating around the arena.


For more advanced lessons, or for test riding sessions, we can split the arena into a 60m x 20m to give you a better feel for test riding.


Two courses avaliable for training - a course at BHS Stage 3 standard, and another at BHS Stage 4 level. 


Stage 3 course features lots of logs of varying height, several roll-tops, some small drop fences, a few ditches, a small trakehner and fixed barrels etc. 

The Stage 4 course presents more of a challenge, with bigger logs, tractor tyres, offset gates, a skinny roll-top and corner fences, as well as ‘the steps complex’ in the above picture. 


In addition we have an arrangement of fixed fences which offer two-stride, one-stride and corner options.


All exams require a level of theroetical knowledge and therefore lectures take place in our on site lecture room. 



With all courses  the cost of accommodation is fully inclusive of all bills, with the exception of your mobile phone bill, and personal items. All meals are prepared, and the accommodation is cleaned regularly, although you are expected to tidy up after yourselves and tidy your own room.

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