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Pre-exam day courses are perfect for those wanting to take regular exam training, but are unable to commit to a full time course. 

Available options

Option 1) 2 Group Riding Lessons and 1 Group Lecture                             

Option 2) 1 Group Riding Lesson, 1 Private lesson and 1 Group Lecture  

Option 3) 2 Private Lessons and a Group Lecture       

The group lessons and lectures will follow our regular programme, and you will be joining our residential students at the same level. Requests for a subject to be covered can be made and we will do our best to accommodate. The private lesson can be either a lunge lesson, dressage, show-jumping or cross-country.

Example programme for a Stage 1-4 candidate would be:

9.00am Group Dressage Riding Lesson

10.15am Group Stable Management Lecture 

12.00pm Private Showjumping Lesson 


PTT or ITT Training

Example programme for a BHS Stage 2 Candidate would be:

10.00am Group Theory Lecture (Business Management/Presentations)

11.15am Private Teaching Practice ( Individual Lesson)

1.30pm Group Teaching Practice ( Group Lesson) 


These courses are ideal as a pre-exam boost no matter the level and work on similar lines to our standard intensive courses training.

If you plan to attend with your exam booked at the end of it, we would require a full ride/ teaching assessment to ensure the course is the best option for you. Depending on your end goal our instructors will advise you on the best training plan for your needs.


  • Five days a week

  • One, two or three-month options.

  • 15 training sessions over the week

  • Lessons and lectures will be allocated as riding; practical and theoretical stable management and teaching practice.

  • NB: This is not a full exam course, as the exams cannot be trained in a month. This is pre-exam training or refresher course.

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