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Find out what students say about Talland 

'I learnt huge amounts about riding, stable management, horses, people and life!'

"I spent time at Talland initially as part of my year in the industry as part of my Equine and Human Sports Science Degree. I achieved my Stage 4 riding and Stable Management during this time and my PTT.


I was also lucky to have my own horse with me through this time. With help from an amazing team I took him from freshly backed youngster to medium dressage level. I was also fortunate to get to ride some stunning Talland young horses. 
The team are amazing and I still use the valuable lessons to improve horses and riders. "

Rosie Nelson 

 I started at Talland when I was 18, and was there for about a year. I can't really put everything I learned onto a  page. I was and still am a show jumper but I definitely caught the dressage bug while I was at Talland. 

I learnt huge amounts about riding, stable management, horses, people and life!


My riding improved beyond recognition, I came away with my BHSII and I made some amazing, lifelong friends. 
Don't get me wrong, it was hard work. Like any busy yard there were tough days, and wellies were a must. But it was so worth it.
I went to Talland knowing absolutely nothing about dressage, and had never ridden a test in my life. During my time there I had the opportunity and training to compete one of Pammy's horses in my first ever dressage competition (which I won!) and then continue competing until I left; all the while getting help from Pammy and all the instructors improving my percentages. By the time I left I'd had a taste of pretty much all the movements on the schoolmaster horses, and I realised that I do really love dressage!.Which, before Talland, I never thought I'd say.

Pammy also helped me get my next job in the equine industry, working in Italy, and since then I have gone on to work for more professionals; most recently I worked for Trevor Breen as long term rider and yard manager. 
I don't think I could've done any of what I have without Talland. So I have to say massive thanks to Pammy for the great opportunities I got on her horses, and also a massive thanks to everyone that's involved in making the place so special! There's no other place like it, and given the chance, I'd do it all over again!

Hannah Taylor


I have finally been accepted on the British Dressage Judges' List and I quite simply would not have done it without the help, support and encouragement of Pammy Hutton.


For almost a decade she has taught me on her fabulous schoolmasters, improving my riding beyond recognition, and allowed me to sit in for hours on her lessons with experienced riders competing at very high levels.


Thanks to Charlie and Abi, and Hilary for a wonderful season of weekly lessons when I took a sabbatical from work in the summer of 2016.


I also joined in the Spa Days at that time and benefited from Pippa's superb knowledge of test riding as I entered the Talland Unaffiliated Series before venturing out to Affiliated classes.


I am also very grateful to Gerry, who now reviews my sheets and is very expertly fine-tuning my test riding, and of course the ultimate professionals, Boris (RIP) and PJ, who knew their job far better than I, coming off the lorry with a few snorts and then settling down with,"yes, I know what this is about". To Claire with the staff and students who turn the horses out so beautifully, to Emma and Amber for letting me hang out in the office, to Brian for his cheerful waves from the tractor and for helping me back on my feet when I fell off, a resounding thank you for everything. I felt like I was coming home the first time I went through the gate and down the Talland drive and I feel the same way every time I go back.

Lynn DuToit‎ 

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"I spent six months as a working pupil at Talland gaining my BHS Stage 3 & PTT qualifications. The knowledge, experience & qualifications I gainied within that time has been invaluable in my  career with horses.  Shortly after leaving Talland I went to work for Preci-Spark Horses with International event rider Sarah Cohen, where I was based for 3 years & gainied my Stage 4 and Stable Management & BHSAI. Having the well respected Talland on my CV helped me immensely to get the job position & I also had a lot of interest from many other top international riders.  I am now head girl & coach to the Foljambe family at Osberton Estate. 
I could not have been more prepared by all the instructors at Talland with my exams pratically & theoretically.  Talland also encouraged me to work professionally & efficiently by working to a high stable management standard within the day to day general running of the yard.
I met many great friends at Talland, of whom I still keep in touch with & had the most fantastic experience. I cannot thank Talland enough as it has certainly helped me to where I am now. I would highly recommend Talland to anybody of any level

Lilly Adkins

I spent three months in Talland from April-July 2016 on one of their short intensive courses. 


I came out of Talland a completely different person and rider . Talland helped me in various things, I learned how to take care of my horses in Mexico and how important it is to check this frequently. This place has great instructors and each of them gave me different skills and knowledge, which I can apply now with my horses. Another thing is that Talland has lots of horses so I had the opportunity to ride different types and this helped me learn how to ride  each of them.
All of these things have helped me lots because now I know the basic things that my horse needs daily, how to fix some problems that my horse has while riding, how my riding posture can help my horse, different exercises I can apply to my horse in order to help him, etc. 
I was very happy with Talland and I highly recommend it 

Ximena - Mexico 

I traveled a 300 mile return trip to have a couple of lessons on school masters and had such an amazing experience that I went back 2 weeks later!

I am now planning to make the journey as often as possible while my horse has a year of due to injury in the hope that we will both come back stronger. Pippa Hutton was great and whilst I am only used to working my horse at prelim/novice level she gave me the confidence to make the most of the school master trying changes etc. Beautiful place and exceptional training.

Anna Aspel

Just got home from two days at Talland with a lunge lesson and a schoolmaster lesson each day. I had my lessons with Michael and thoroughly enjoyed it!


Lunge lessons gave me lots to work on and my lessons on the gorgeous Tommy were great even though I've never ridden a horse who can do these movements before, the 4 time changes were brilliant!

Thank you very much and I will definitely be coming back

Rachel Wood 

I completed my 400th ride on Olly, The Talland School of Equitations elite school master on the 24th March 2018. Where else can you go to learn to ride and achieve something like this? Thank you to the Talland Team, it is a privilege to ride him

Gary Diplock - see image below 

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